Godzilla's Original Movie Is Finally Premiering Its 4K Remaster

Godzilla is one of the most famous monsters in Hollywood, and the world was reminded as much this year. Earlier this spring, Godzilla roared to life on the big screen with King Kong in tow, earning the pair box office success. Now, the kaiju franchise is expanding its plans for 2021, and it will include the world premiere of Godzilla's 4K remaster!

The announcement went live today courtesy of Toho International. It was the company who released a statement today confirming Godzilla's comeback, and the 1954 movie is getting its facelift to honor a special anniversary.

"Toho International, Inc. is proud to announce a series of one-of-a-kind experiences fit for the King of Monsters to celebrate its 67th birthday. Godzilla's long history continues to shape worldwide pop culture and festivities this year aimed to engage fans new and old to roll out beginning Nov. 3, the date the first film premiered in 1954," the company shared.

According to Toho, Godzilla's 1954 movie is being remastered in 4K to celebrate the monster's 68th anniversary. The world premiere will go down at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with over two dozen locations locked in. From New York to Los Angeles, fans all over the country can attend the premiere, and they'll be able to watch more than just Godzilla.

Toho and Alamo Drafthouse have teamed up to bring Godzilla vs Hedorah to the big screen along with Shin Godzilla. The pair will also screen two classic Godzilla films from the Heisei era stateside which have never come overseas until now. So, yes - The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla vs Biollante are on the way! All of these screenings will be joined with exciting Godzilla merchandise, an animated project, a puppet show, and more.


If you want to attend this world premiere, Godzilla will debut its 4K restoration on November 3rd. From November 5-11, the festivities will continue with additional Godzilla screenings. So for those of you who love Godzilla, well - we suggest you nab tickets to your local Alamo Drafthouse ASAP.

What do you think about this Godzilla gift? Are you excited to see the franchise's first film in this all-new way? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.