Viral Godzilla Video Shows One Kid's Spot-on Impression of the Kaiju

When it comes to Godzilla, the monster has no shortage of fans. The atomic beast has been around for decades and amassed a legion of loyal fans who support the kaiju in every way. Of course, those fans come in all ages, and one of the monster's youngest fans has gone viral for their solid impression of Godzilla.

The video made its way online after Godzilla: King of the Monsters was released, and the user Up From the Depths helped it go viral. The clip, which can be found down below, shows one of the final scenes from Godzilla: King of the Monsters. But as you can imagine, no one expected the clip to be interrupted by one of the kaiju's tiniest fans.

As you can see, the clip shows Godzilla taking his place atop the monster hierarchy at the end of his most recent movie. When he lets out a roar to make his title know, he is joined by another cry which comes from a young fan dressed in an inflatable Godzilla costume. The two voices join together in an impressive cry, and we think this young fan might have outdone his role model.

This silly cute moment shows what kind of impact Godzilla has on fans, and this kid has great things in his future. With tens of thousands of likes, netizens admit they wish they went as hard for Godzilla as this boy did. Even some of the monster's most devoted fans are giving up their titles to this kid, so I guess you could say we've found the King of the Godzilla Fans. So when King Kong comes to challenge the monster next year, he better watch out; This lil' man is not going to take too kindly to such a threat!


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