Godzilla vs Kong Toys Reveal an All-New Kaiju

Godzilla vs Kong might have been pushed to next year, but the hype is still riding high for the big crossover. The Hollywood blockbuster promises to liven up the 2021 box office with two of the most famous monsters in existence. But thanks to a new update from a toy collector, fans are eyeing a very different kaiju that has surfaced for the first time ever.

The reveal came from the Instagram user sb_toyz. The fan is a toy collector who has the stock to prove their love of all things action figures. Over on social media, the netizen posted package art of the most recent line of Godzilla toys to go live. It was there fans caught a glimpse of a monster she - and he - never saw in the all-new MonsterVerse.

As you can see below, Steve B posted a photo detailing the back packaging for Godzilla's Skullcrawler figure. The piece is hitting shelves to help hype Godzilla vs Kong in light of its pushed release date, but fans of the MonsterVerse quickly noticed the art shows off a never-before-seen kaiju.

The monster in question is called the Warbat, and it has an osprey in this form. The creator looks downright nightmarish, and that should come as no surprise. After all, the figure has the body of a snake or serpent. The kaiju completes itself with large red wings that scream danger. Up until now, no such monster has been seen on screen, so MonsterVerse fans are eager to see what role it plays in the film. After all, the Warbat would not get a figure if it weren't important in the film, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for more of this beast.

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