Godzilla vs Kong Designer Dissects How Millie Bobby Brown's Character Has Evolved

Godzilla vs. Kong's costume designer dissected how Millie Bobby Brown's character has evolved [...]

Godzilla vs. Kong's costume designer dissected how Millie Bobby Brown's character has evolved since her time in Godzilla: King of the Monsters! Brown's Madison Russell is one of the returning MonsterVerse characters making an appearance in the climax of the quadrilogy, and like everyone else, she has gone through some changes in the time that we have seen her. King of the Monsters really put her through the ringer, and it seems that she'll be in the center of an even bigger conflict when these two titular Titans clash in the upcoming film.

Her costume design does have to reflect these changes, and costume designer Ann Foley opened up about how these changes have been presented on screen. Speaking with ComicBook.com through email correspondence, Foley opened up about making sure these changes were poignant, "I love the costumes for Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Madison Russell," Foley began.

Godzilla vs Kong Millie Bobby Brown
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"We get to see the important progression Maddie has made, starting as a remarkable young girl in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and evolving into an empowered young woman in Godzilla vs. Kong," Foley stated. Continuing further Foley explained how this was pinpointed into one article of clothing in particular, "There is a strength that I hoped to communicate through her clothing. I wanted to show that idea specifically with Maddie's jacket."

Elaborating on that idea further, "I had this idea that it came out of her mother's closet and that Maddie is continuing her mother's mission to save the Titans," Foley continued. "It's a really wonderful character piece for her and I wanted it to be her mission outfit." But Brown's character won't be the only one on a mission, however, and the other designs reflect this, "Every single one of the characters is on a mission in this film - Maddie is on a mission to save Godzilla and Jia is on a mission to save Kong. And then, of course, much of the rest of the cast is in their actual mission suits as they go down into Hollow Earth."

Thankfully it won't be long before we see Millie Bobby Brown and the other returning cast in action as Godzilla vs. Kong will be debuting in theaters and HBO Max on March 31st. What do you think of this breakdown? What are you hoping to see from Brown's Maddie in the new film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!