Godzilla vs Kong Debuts New Character Posters

Godzilla Vs. Kong is only a few weeks away, with the kaiju confrontation set to be released in [...]

Godzilla Vs. Kong is only a few weeks away, with the kaiju confrontation set to be released in both theaters and HBO Max on March 31st, and it seems as if Legendary Pictures isn't slowing down on promotional material any time soon as the studio has released some brand new character posters focusing on the warring giant monsters. As rumors swirl regarding surprises that will arrive in this titanic showdown, with many banking on the introduction of Mechagodzilla into the "Monster-Verse", it's clear that Kong and Godzilla aren't going to be pulling any punches in their war for dominance.

The character poster featured for Kong in this monstrous set features the glowing axe that is looking to even the playing field between the ruler of Skull Island and the current king of the monsters. With this closer look at his weapon, it's clear that Kong is utilizing a scale from Godzilla to fight against the lizard king, as the giant ape is seeking to find ways to win this battle against the monster that has the ability to unleash a steady atomic flame against any giant beast that gets on its bad side. With this upcoming crossover potentially being the final film in Legendary's "Monster-Verse", it definitely seems as if the world of kaiju will never be the same following this upcoming brawl.

Twitter Outlet Kaiju News Outlet shared these brand new posters that take the opportunity to feature both Godzilla and Kong staring one another down in different locales, proving that the kaiju battle will be spilling out into numerous environments within the world at large:

These Chinese posters prove that Godzilla Vs. Kong isn't simply much anticipated in the West, and it was even revealed earlier this year that China would be receiving the film a few days prior to the release of the movie in North America. Though there has yet to be any hints about which of these giant monsters will emerge triumphant in their titanic tussle, it's clear that director Adam Wingard and the creative minds behind the film are looking to leave everything on the table with this war.

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