Godzilla vs Kong Teaser Showcases New Prequel Comic

Before Godzilla vs. Kong makes its massive debut in theaters, there will be a prequel comic that [...]

Before Godzilla vs. Kong makes its massive debut in theaters, there will be a prequel comic that Legendary recently gave fans a teaser for! Godzilla vs. Kong is presumably still aiming for its currently held November release date (barring any major interference or delay from the novel coronavirus pandemic), and to help fans prepare for the final battle of the Monsterverse quadrilogy, Legendary Comics will be launching a special prequel comic laying the necessary groundwork for this huge battle between the famous Titans. Detailing the prequel during a special virtual Wondercon panel, Legendary gave fans all the details.

Technically, there will be two distinct graphic novels that fans will have to keep an eye out for. One being a prequel focusing on Godzilla's point of view going into this big fight, and the other will be focusing on how King Kong has changed since we last saw the Titan in Kong: Skull Island's versions of the 1970s.

These prequels will not only bring a greater focus on the two famous monsters before their official clash in the fourth film later this year, but will also be introducing some brand new additions to the Monsterverse such as a massive Bat inspired Titan (named "Camazotz") described as the "embodiment of darkness" and more.

These prequels also tease the first look at Kong's updated design for the new film. It's been quite a while since Kong was in action in the Monsterverse, and the legendary Titan has been doing some maturing since then. He even seems to be sporting a cool new beard! These designs have also been spotted through several of the toys and other merchandise making their way out into the wild in the last few months. If this all works out, it could be a great finale for the Monsterverse and the start of a great comics run!

Will you be checking out these prequel comics before Godzilla vs. Kong's big premiere? Are you hoping that it will be able to keep its slated November 20, 2020 release date? Which Titan do you think will win the fight at the end of the day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!