Godzilla vs. Kong: Figures Reveal New Designs for the Film's Monsters, Including Massive Power-Up for Godzilla

Godzilla vs. Kong is still some eight months away, but a new toy leak that's surfaced online could hint at a potential plot thread involved in the blockbuster. Before we get too much further, there could be slight spoilers ahead of the leak proves accurate. Proceed with caution. As with any tentpole movie release in this day in age, a massive apparel and merchandising effort is something that also needs to take place. Godzilla vs. Kong is no different and Legendary has already been hard at work on the merchandising aspect of it.

Toy pictures obtained by Godzilla-News.com show a line of toys from Playmates confirms both eponymous characters will get at least a few figures each. The primary Godzilla toy comes with an ice pick or something of that nature while Kong has a pretty epic club. Moreover, at least four other figures are included in the line, including one of a Skullcrawler from Kong: Skull Island and a new monster called Nozuki.

Probably the biggest pieces of the entire line, however, are two toys that read Mega Kong and Mega Godzilla. While the Mega Kong toy looks like a bigger version of the regular scale, Mega Godzilla comes complete with some high-tech red armor protecting his back and head and yes, it's exactly as epic as it sounds. You can see all the pictures on the Godzilla-News.com site here.

Godzilla vs. Kong star Eiza Gonzales previously called the film incredible, saying fans of the expanding MonsterVerse are unlike any other fandom in pop culture.

"The fan base for Godzilla vs. Kong is incredible," Gonzales said earlier this year. "When I say I'm in the movie, people are like, "Oh my God." Seeing that fanaticism and seeing how excited they are to see this movie makes me really excited; I think they're going to be really happy. [Director] Adam Wingard is so talented. Both stories are going parallel, as you'll see, without giving anything away. It's a large cast as well, and it was really fun to be part of it. There's so much going on, but the heart of it is two young girls as well, which is such a positive message for society nowadays. It's just incredible."


Godzilla vs. Kong is currently set for release November 20th.

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