Godzilla vs Kong Prequel Shares New Look at Adult Kong

Godzilla vs Kong will be one of the next big films to hit theaters if all goes well, and it seems Hollywood is preparing fans for its debut. After all, an announcement went live recently confirming a prequel comic to the movie is in the works. And thanks to WonderCon @ Home, fans got a preview of the comic and its new take on Kong!

The pictures surfaced as Legendary Comics held a panel at WonderCon @ Home, the virtual event which WonderCon created after cancelling its in-person event due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The publisher gave an update on MonsterVerse's books for 2020, and one of them will be the prequel comic to Godzilla vs Kong. And thanks to a short tease, fans know Kong is HUGE in this comic and is rocking a beard to top it all off.

You can see the preview images from Kaiju News Outlet above. The stills were shown during the online panel, and they depict a much older Kong. The growing ape may just be the tallest iteration of King Kong yet given his size comparison to a giant tiger seen lying defeated on the ground. Kong even looks bigger when compared helicopters seen flying over the island, so those pilots better know how to do evasive maneuvers.

As for Kong, the ape is more buff in this comic tease, and he has a beard now. His hair looks more ragged which makes sense if he's been busy taking down monsters on Skull Island. Of course, some fans are concerned the ape is not tall enough to take down Godzilla, but there is no need to fret. There is a good chance this prequel takes place long before Godzilla vs Kong will, so the gorilla will probably be even bigger when (and if) he hits the big screen.

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