Loot Crate Launches Stellar Gundam Capsule Collection

Mobile Suit Gundam helped change the sci-fi genre upon its debut, and thanks to Loot Crate, the [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam helped change the sci-fi genre upon its debut, and thanks to Loot Crate, the anime is ready to revamp your wardrobe. The epic series has been tapped by Loot Crate for a special capsule collection that will make the most hardcore of fans reach for their wallets. So if you want to live the life of a Gundam pilot, you have to nab this limited-time collection before it leaves the atmosphere!

Starting today, Loot Crate is offering up pieces of its Gundam Capsule Collection as you can see here. The line-up features tons of different clothing pieces inspired by Yoshiyuki Tomino's hit series. So if you want to explore your inner mech pilot, this is your chance!

loot crate gundam

According to Loot Crate, there are five different pieces in this collection for fans to try on. Gundam Wing is getting its own henley while Gundam Seed thrives with its own t-shirt. Mobile Suit Gundam will also get a t-shirt with Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans while Gundam 00 will get a long-sleeve shirt. Each regular shirt will cost $25 USD while the long-sleeve and henley pieces run $35. You can buy each piece individually or nab the whole line if you'd like with items slated for shipment this September.

If you need even more Gundam merchandise on your shelves, well - Loot Crate still has you covered! The brand has its own Gundam Life Crate line that you can check out here. The four-crate series comes with all sorts of home goods and trinkets inspired by Gundam. So if you want to know more about this exclusive line, you can read up on it below:

"From Amuro's locker to Zechs' office supplies, our mission is to deliver the gear you need to live that Gundam life like never before. Get a surprise mix of exclusive officially licensed items from the Gundam series universe delivered to your door every other month in this limited edition 4-crate series. This is a one-time-only limited edition crate series."

What do you think of this stellar Loot Crate offer? Will you be nabbing this Gundam collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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