New Gundam Metal Build Gunplas To Be Unveiled This Month

Gunplas have become a hot ticket item. The plastic model figurines bringing to life the various mech suits from the Gundam anime franchise, the models have managed to sell over 500 million units across the world since it's original debut in 1980! Now, some of the most high end Gunplas around, the "Metal Build" line that has some serious articulation, detail, and uses metal diecast parts to bring these unique Gundams to life. Now a brand new Gunpla based off one of the mech suits from the anime series, Mobile Gundam Suit 00, will arrive to hungry fans later this month!

Twitter User TimelessDimensi shared the notification that the specific Gunplas will be revealed later this month as part of the Tamashi Nation Convention taking place this year in Japan, showing off some amazing Gundam items and merchandise:

With sales topping over 500 million units, there have been nearly 2000 different models that have been created across numerous Gundam series such as the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, Gundam Wing, G Gundam, and of course, Gundam 00. Gunplas themselves have even managed to get their own unique video game, currently in the form of the mobile game titled "Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare". The game allows players to choose from numerous Gundam mechs that have appeared across the franchise's generations.

Do you collect Gunplas? What's been your favorite mech suit that's been introduced in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise to date? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Gunplas!

Here is the official description for Gunplas that are associated with the upcoming Gundam Metal Build:


"Gunpla is a dimensionalized plastic model of mobile suits that appears in the series of "Mobile Suit Gundam", robots and battleships called mobile armour. Since they were born in 1980 as "1/144 Gundam", over 500 million units of them have been sold. A Gundam is an advanced, high performance mobile suit, often constructed to be more powerful than the standard production mobile suits. They are equipped with the latest experimental technology available at the time of their construction. The main suit in each series usually sports a mainly white and blue color scheme, with yellow and red accents, and sports at least one pair of yellow or white V-fins on its head.

Beyond robot action, the main character's social growth is set as the main point of the story. Also, by introducing a human drama in reality with the war set to treat robots as a type of weapon called "mobile suits", it became a pioneer of a series of robot animation revolution to be called. [BANDAI] To ensure the commitment to quality and responsiveness to the market, Gundam is currently conducted consistently in Japan from planning, development to production at "Bandai Hobby Center" in "Hobby's Town Shizuoka" .