Haikyuu Timeskip Finally Reveals Where Nishinoya Has Been

Haikyuu's final arc began in a surprising way as it pushed the series forward several years into [...]

Haikyuu's final arc began in a surprising way as it pushed the series forward several years into the future and now follow Shoyo Hinata and the other members of Karasuno's former Boys Volleyball team as they entered their adult lives. As Shoyo Hinata returned from years of training in Brazil to join up with a pro team, he ended up finally lining himself up for a full rematch with Tobio Kageyama that the two have been getting ready for a long time for. As the series reintroduced older versions of its characters over the last few chapters, fans had one big question.

The more we began to see Karasuno's full line-up appear (along with some major surprises in store), there was a big question as to why Yu Nishinoya had not appeared along with his friends. Without an update as to what he was up to following high school, nor an appearance at this pro game where so many other characters have shown up to see, his absence from the series began to raise some eyebrows.

It's a mystery no longer as the color spread for Chapter 386 of the series was completely dedicated to revisiting Nishinoya. As it turns out while everyone else has gathered for this match between Hinata and Kageyama's big pro teams, Nishinoya has instead been fishing for Marlins off the coast of Italy.

As Asahi explains in the chapter, he texted Nishinoya that they were all reuniting for this match and the former libero instead texted him a picture of himself with a huge Marlin catch. As Asahi reflects on a conversation they had before leaving high school, Nishinoya revealed that his plan for the future was to save up money and travel across the world and do all sorts of new things. By the looks of this later chapter, he was able to accomplish this big dream of his! But what do you think?

How do you feel about finally being updated on Nishinoya's status following Haikyuu's big timeskip? Do you like where Nishinoya ended up after high school? Is it the kind of future you expected from the libero? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!