Hello Kitty Goes Kaiju with These New Plush Figures

Hello Kitty is one of the highest selling franchises in the world, having sold millions of pieces of merchandise as well as bringing in billions of dollars of revenue throughout the years, and now thanks to Gamestop, fans can pick up some exclusive plushies that see the albino feline mascot wearing some adorably kaiju costumes. With the high selling anime franchise touting a brand new anime series that is releasing next year in The World of Hello Kitty, now is a great time for the Sanrio creation to unleash some brand new merchandise to prep fans!

This would hardly be the first time that we've seen Hello Kitty wearing an appearance that made the white cat larger than life, with one of the latest animated appearances of the Sanrio mascot pitting it against the mechs of Mobile Suit Gundam. For the fortieth anniversary of the long running mech franchise, the original pilot of the series in Amuro encounters a giant version of Hello Kitty in space, with the most bizarre battle in the history of anime following suit. On top of this crossover, Hello Kitty also ran into the scientists of the anime series Stein's Gate, in a crossover even stranger than the Gundam one that presided it.

Hello Kitty's Official Twitter Account shared the exclusive Gamestop figurines that sees the worldwide phenomenon of Hello Kitty slapping on some kaiju outfits that are reminiscent to the world of Godzilla and the other original creations of Toho:

The next big landfall of kaiju in North America will take place on the big screen in 2021 with the much awaited crossover fight between Godzilla and King Kong in the Legendary Pictures franchise. Delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the kaiju tussle was originally set to come out in theaters this fall in October and merchandise for the film is already being released. With Hello Kitty already having a number of strange crossovers under its belt, perhaps the franchise will cross over with the Legendary Pictures next year!


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