Hello Kitty Is Now Video-Chatting Fans to Make Quarantine Easier

Hello Kitty is easily one of the biggest anime properties in the world, having scored billions of [...]

Hello Kitty is easily one of the biggest anime properties in the world, having scored billions of dollars of merchandise sales over the decades since the albino feline was originally created and the Sanrio created anime character has just begun calling some of her most devoted fans via a unique video chat. While Sanrio has created hundreds of characters throughout the years, none have been as popular as the tiny white cat that has appeared in various anime projects, and, recently, within a cross over that bizarrely placed her against the mech suit franchise known as Mobile Suit: Gundam!

Sanrio had told fans that they would be able to participate in an "online meet and greet", though it would cost fans in order to meet some of their favorite characters beside Hello Kitty herself. With a two minute conversation costing the equivalent of $37 (!) USD, Sanrio fans would definitely have to show their commitment to chatting with a real life human being that was dancing around in a Hello Kitty costume for fans of the series. Needless to say, this opportunity was definitely for hardcore fans of the Sanrio character and it looks like fans will have the opportunity to see the "real life versions" of these figures in the upcoming "Infinite Greeting" event taking place on June 20th!

Hello Kitty Voice Chatting
(Photo: Sunrise & Sanrio)

SoraNews24 had the opportunity to participate in the video chat with Hello Kitty, asking her a number of questions that were tailor made for the albino anime juggernaut. When the news outlet asked the Sanrio mascot what message she had for her fans, she replied by stating that "she is looking forward to seeing everyone again", of course referring to the coronavirus pandemic that has kept so many inside as a result of quarantines across the globe.

With Hello Kitty releasing more merchandise than we can count, the Sanrio character will surely continue to appear in mediums such as anime, video games, crossovers, and much more! With the recent bizarre crossover that saw the white cat battling against the anime mech suits of Mobile Suit: Gundam, we are crossing our fingers that we will see more strange crossovers like this down the road.

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