Striking Hunter x Hunter Sketch Brings Genderbent Hisoka to Life

It has been well over a year since Gon Freecs had the chance to greet fans. Hunter x Hunter is on a long hiatus these days, but fans of the series haven't let the title die out. As new fans continue to stumble upon the anime and manga, the fandom has welcomed newcomers in with plenty of goods. And thanks to one artist, their welcome gift gave Hunter x Hunter fans both new and old the chance to envision a different take on Hisoka.

Over on Reddit, the artist mellowramen got fans buzzing thanks to their impressive art. The fan decided to give Hisoka a genderbent makeover, and the piece makes Hisoka look like a worthy opponent to the Joker.

As you can see below, the Hunter x Hunter sketch is a simple one that changes up Hisoka. The makeover isn't quite so striking as the character is rather androgynous from the start. However, this genderbent take does take the baddie's feminine features to a whole other level.

I drew the horny clown again but genderbent cuz I wanted to see what it'll look like from r/HunterXHunter

To start, Hisoka is rocking some longer hair, and their facial features are smaller. Hisoka is infamous for his stark nose and jawline, but this take on the character is softer. The character has a slimmer frame in this sketch as well, and that is to be expected. Hisoka had a tone abdomen to show off, but this version has a tucked waist thanks to her feminine hips. There's little doubt the Hisoka fans know and love would approve of this makeover, and no part of it would make the fighter less lethal. There's no version of Hisoka that isn't down to wreak chaos, so both of these characters can carry on with their - uh - unbridled rage.


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Hunter x Hunter was originally created by Yoshihiro Togashi for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1998. The story follows a young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his previously thought to be dead father is in fact alive. Not only is he alive, he is a famous Hunter, a professional traveler who specializes in finding rare treasures, exploring unidentified lands, and hunting down dangerous individuals. Gon then decides that in order to meet his father he has to become a licensed Hunter, but in that journey gets wrapped up in way more strangeness than he ever could have anticipated.

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