'Hunter x Hunter' Confirms New Volume Release

Hunter x Hunter may not have released a new volume in time for the holidays, but the series will make up for that next year. A preview of Weekly Shonen Jump has just confirmed Hunter x Hunter will release a new manga trade in early 2018.

Over on Twitter, scans of an advert from Weekly Shonen Jump's latest issue went live, and it got manga readers buzzing. The grainy image contains an advert for Hunter x Hunter confirming its 35th volume is on the way. The trade is currently set to hit shelves on February 2.

There is no word on which chapters will be housed in the volume, but fans have a good guess. Hunter x Hunter did have a brief run this year under Shueisha, and it released 10 chapters before going back on a break. Volume 35 will likely collect those updates into a single trade for fans.

Of course, Hunter x Hunter will be doing more next year than just releasing a trade. The manga's serialization will also return thanks to Yoshihiro Togashi. Back in November, news broke that the creator would be ending Hunter x Hunter's hiatus after the new years.

Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed the manga will return in January 2018. Togashi will publish the manga's newest chapter in its ninth issue next year, so fans can mark their calendars for January 29.


Fans were told earlier this year that Hunter x Hunter would not be on an extended hiatus like it has been before. Back in September, Weekly Shonen Jump told fans in its 40th issue that Togashi would resume work on the manga before the year's end. Readers were not sure if that meant Hunter x Hunter would return to print before the New Years, but it looks like the manga will debut its new chapters just after the holiday. Togashi will likely begin work on his serial soon if he hasn't already, so fans should wish the artist good luck as he gets back to Gon and the gang.

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