Hunter x Hunter Adds Greed Island Arc to Netflix

hunter x hunter
(Photo: Netflix)

Hunter x Hunter doesn't have that many episodes to keep track of but Netflix is going to make its catalog a bit harder to count thanks to a big update. Over the weekend, Netflix kicked off March with the addition of an important arc. At last, the Greed Island arc has made its way to Netflix, and Hunter x Hunter fans are ready to binge the fav arc after their long wait.

The new episodes went live on Netflix the other day, and it brings the Greed Island arc to the site. All 17 episodes are accounted for, and fans can watch them either subbed or dubbed depending on their preference.

Currently, Hunter x Hunter fans are loving the anime on Netflix, and there is little surprise why. Time and again, the show has been called one of the best shonen series out there. Its TV-MA rating might scare some viewers off, but this action-packed title is often as goofy as it is exciting.

The perfect example of the anime's blend comes in the Greed Island arc. The story is fourth official one to enter the official canon. It takes place after Kurapika takes on the Phantom Troupe, but this story is all about Non and Killua.


The pair are hired by a wealthy billionaire named Battera who wants them to play a game. To prepare for the event, the pair are trained by a New expert called Biscuit, and the heroes get a hang of the power quickly. That is good as their game is soon interrupted by a dangerous man named Bomber who wishes to knock everyone from the game. And for the Phantom Trouble, it seems the only person Chrollo is gunning for is Kurapika.

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