Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho Cross Over With Cool New Art

Hunter x Hunter's creator Yoshihiro Togashi is also hyping the series together with his prior work, Yu Yu Hakusho, with some cool new art bringing the two franchises together! It's been a pretty monumental year for the series creator as after spending the last four years completely dormant, Togashi has been steadily updating fans about his desire to return to Hunter x Hunter's serialization. Not only that, but Yu Yu Hakusho is also in the midst of celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its original anime adaptation, and thus fans all over have been celebrating Togashi's works in many cool ways.

Yu Yu Hakusho's 30th Anniversary and Hunter x Hunter's imminent manga return are also fun branches of the main celebration as Togashi himself is now in the midst of his 35th anniversary as a manga creator overall. Shueisha's going all out for the occasion as the creator is getting a special art exhibition launching in Japan later this year. This new exhibition will feature Togashi's works from over his career and this includes a new visual combining various characters from his action series together in a cool crossover! Check out the art below from the exhibit's official account: 

Togashi is currently in the works on bringing Hunter x Hunter back from hiatus. It's yet to be revealed when exactly Togashi will be ready to launch new chapters of the series, but the creator has been sharing regular updates with fans on Twitter. Though these updates are quite mysterious given that fans don't really know what phase of the process the creator is currently on, these updates prove that the creator might have a bigger return in mind than fans might have expected given the creator's well known health issues holding him back so far. 


Togashi's original noted plan four years ago was to release ten new chapters of the series in between each hiatus, but it's been a long four years since that last update. The creator seems to have more chapters in mind this time around, but hopefully it won't be too much longer before we get to see the manga in action once again. How do you like Togashi's art bringing Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho? Would you want to see a full crossover between the two someday?