Lady Gaga's Accidental 'Inuyasha' Cosplay Goes Viral

If you want to find a good cosplay, all you need to do is head to your nearest anime convention. Places like Anime Expo teem with all-star cosplayers year after year, but there is something to be said for casual cosplays.

Just ask Lady Gaga and she will tell you. After all, the singer was photographed not too long ago, and she is channeling her inner Inuyasha real hard.

As you can see below, Lady Gaga was photographed as she exited a building, and the look she’s rocking is bold one. Her platinum blonde hair is down in waves, and her bangs frame her face. Lady Gaga went for red in a loose, bright jumpsuit with quarter-length sleeves. Finally, her look wrapped up with a chunky bohemian necklace, but anime fans saw the look and could only think of one thing.

“Wait, isn’t that Inuyasha’s Robe of the Fire-Rat??”

Over on Twitter, fans were quick to compared the looks to one another, and they are hard to un-see. The pair share some light locks, a baggy red jumpsuit, and a chunky necklace. However, fans are willing to bet it wasn’t Kagome who gifted Lady Gaga with her high-end jewelry.

This accidental cosplay is just one of several to hit up Hollywood, and Rihanna has unknowingly flown a banner for Hunter x Hunter before. As you can see here, the pop star has done up similar looks to Canary and others from the hit shonen series.

Given Lady Gaga's designer taste, it won't be feasible for most fans to try out this exact look, but there are other characters from Inuyasha begging for a casual cosplay. Kagome would be the easiest to pull off given her school uniform, but other characters like Miroku and Sango could be done with a bit of work.

So, do you see the connection here? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!



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