Inuyasha Just Took the Trophy for Anime's Best Dad in Yashahime

Anime fans like to joke about its lack of stand-up fathers, and while some may be stinkers, there are plenty who excel at the job. You may not have ever thought it possible, but it turns out Inuyasha is one of the good dads. At last, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon introduced the hero to his kid, and Inuyasha quickly made a bid to become this year's best anime dad.

Ever since Yashahime debuted, fans have been waiting for Inuyasha and Kagome to meet their daughter Moroha. The parents were taken away from their only child 13 years ago, leaving the girl to grow up alone before Koga helped guide her along. Season two did bring the trio closer together inch by inch, but now they are all reunited.

The touching moment can be found in Yashahime episode 39 if you need to watch it. Season two is barely underway, and it has already started with a bang. Of course, it was emotional to see Moroha and Kagome hug one another, but things got even better when Inuyasha came to the scene. After all, Moroha takes after her father, and this was made painfully clear in this new episode.

At first, the father-daughter duo was awkward with one another, but that emotion did not last long. After confirming the girl was his kid, Inuyasha turned on his parental instincts ASAP. The usually stoic half-demon gave Moroha a warm hug, and he lavished her with praise while tearing up. This is some of the most emotion we've ever seen from Inuyasha to date, and Moroha responded in kind. So if you have been wanting to shed some happy tears, well – this episode of Yashahime should do the trick.

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