Japanese App Features An Ai Girlfriend In Your Pocket

A new Japanese smart phone application is looking to make a highly intelligent virtual girlfriend for users to have in their pocket at all times. The app uses a new artificial intelligence engine called SELF, in which users can talk to a detailed female robot named Ai Furuse. According to the official website, the app is promising "communication close to that of a real girlfriend or partner."

Intelligent Ai is the subject of many anime series such as Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, and Log Horizon, but now it is coming to the real world. The application has an intelligent robot who can not only react to different situations, but can also react to facial expressions as well. Furuse has a large conversation library that includes over 30,000 words, and she is able to carry on balanced personal conversations and change her tone to assess each situation. Check out an example/commercial of the app above.

She is so intelligent that she will remember past conversations and emotions and can notice when the user shifts goals, values, or mood. She also has the ability to gather information that matches the users interests, and will also remind users of events and celebrate birthdays. The app will continuously record three days of interaction with Furuse for free, but after three days, the Ai will revert to the original meeting stage unless users pay a cloud storage fee after the three day trial.

SELF is currently available to be downloaded on the iPhone for free on the Japanese iTunes Store. There is not currently any news on when the app will be available in English or in America. For more information on the project, you can check our SELF Software's website here.

Japanese App Features An Ai Girlfriend In Your Pocket

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