JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Crew Sets Up a Summer Anime Update

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of its anime series produced by David Production, with the strange franchise releasing the first episodes of the sixth part of the series in Stone Ocean. With Jolyne Cujoh and her friends set to return to Netflix this fall, it seems that Warner Bros Japan let slip that there is an update slated for this summer which might grab the attention of Joestar fans, though the company is still keeping the details murky.

Creator Hirohiko Araki has been working on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure since the 1980s, with the franchise skyrocketing in recent years in terms of popularity. The mangaka recently stated that he would love to work on the series forever if he had the opportunity, already stating that he is working on the ninth part of the franchise, JoJo Lands. While details about the story for the upcoming story that will follow JoJolion are few and far between at this point, fans of the Joestars are excited never the less to further explore the story of the bloodline that helped introduce the anime world to Stands.

In a recent Tweet, Warner Bros Japan Anime responded to a fan and their love of the Joestars by stating that anime fans of the series could expect a new update for the franchise this July, though the company was tight-lipped about what this update could entail and whether it will involve the return of Stone Ocean:

While this update might relate to the story of the Green Dolphin Street Penitentiary, there are plenty of stories from the history of JoJo's manga that have yet to be brought to the world of anime. In terms of what manga stories in the world of the Joestars have yet to hit the small screen, there are several chapters of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan that have yet to be animated, the spin-off series of Purple Haze Feedback following one of the stars of Golden Wind hasn't been put into motion, and several other spin-off stories could help to create a new anthology series if David Production decides to go that route. 

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