JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Art Revisits The Era of Phantom Blood

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure began not with Stands, but with the power of the Ripple, aka Hamon, bringing us our first Joestar in the form of Jonathan, the teenager who found himself fighting against his rival, Dio Brando, and one fan has decided to take a trip back into the past during the days of Phantom Blood. With Jonathan being taught how to wield the vampire slaying ability by the insanely dressed Will Anthonio Zeppeli, the first Joestar of the franchise was able to leave his mark by not only defeating Dio, but by introducing a brand new world to anime fans!

Phantom Blood introduced fans to the world of the Joestars decades ago, back in 1987, jumping into the world of manga, eventually getting an anime adaptation that garnered entirely new fans to the franchise in the process. Of course, fans of the series know that the first entry of the anime ended in tragedy, with Jonathan sacrificing himself in order to destroy the evil of the vampire Dio Brando from the world. Unfortunately for him, Jonathan would make an unwilling return as the body for the head of Dio, who survived their encounter and placed his disembodied head on top of the first Joestar. Using Jonathan to battle Jotaro Kujo in Stardust Crusaders, the body of the first Joestar was eventually put to rest.

Reddit User LucasX14 shared this art work from artist SirGarrowMan taking the characters of Jonathan Joestar, Speedwagon, and Zeppeli and giving them a night out on the town before the inevitable tragedy befalls two thirds of the cast in the first season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:

Jonathan and Friend [Fanart] from r/StardustCrusaders

Though Jonathan might have died at the tail end of the first season, he left a legacy that continues to this day in the franchise of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, with each season of the franchise following a different member of his bloodline. Though Jonathan didn't have a Stand of his own in the first season, we saw a hideous version of what might have been in Dio's Stand, "The World", which was revealed to have similar abilities to Jotaro Kujo's Stand of Star Platinum!

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