JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Revisits Battle Tendency With Lisa Lisa

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure had a brief period prior to the advent of Stands, wherein the Joestars were threatened by vampires and had to use the power of the "Ripple" in order to pump solar rays into their opponents to win the day, and one fan has revisited the age of Battle Tendency to create some fresh new Cosplay for Lisa Lisa. Acting as the mentor to Joseph Joestar in learning more about harnessing the energy known as Hamon, Lisa Lisa helped the Joestar learn how to empower himself to take down the Pillar Men led by Cars.

Though Lisa Lisa was able to help out Joseph Joestar in increasing his energy prior to his final fight with Cars, it, unfortunately, wasn't enough to save the life of Caesar Zeppeli, Joseph's rival who fell to the power of the Pillar Man known as Wamu. United in their loss, Lisa Lisa and Joseph were able to ultimately take out the remaining vampires and bring to an end the age of the Ripple. Though Lisa Lisa never returned with a Stand of her own, Joseph was able to make the leap and was given a Stand in Hermit Purple that accompanied his Hamon powers, becoming a much-needed ally to Jotaro and his friends looking to defeat the evil that was a resurrected Dio Brando.

Instagram Versachi Ko shared this unbelievable Cosplay that takes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans back to the days of Battle Tendency, bringing back to life one of the most powerful users of the energy known as Hamon who was able to take out vampires thanks to the strength of the Ripple:

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2021 is a big year for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, with Netflix having already debuted the mini-series, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, and the anime touting a big event that is landing this spring in "Joestar The Inherited Soul". Though we have no confirmation regarding the return of the anime series with a sixth season, or the possibility of another side story coming to life via the manga story "Purple Haze Feedback", it's definitely possible for both these series to launch thanks to the ever-growing popularity of Hirohiko Araki's mind-bending franchise.

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