JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Creator Reveals His Favorite Character From The JOJOLands

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's latest arc has introduced quite a few new characters to the lore of the Joestars. While taking the opportunity to introduce us to the two new Joestars that are leading the charge in Jodio and Dragona, the latest arc of the bizarre franchise also brought back Kishibe Rohan into the mix. Now, in a recent blurb attached to the manga, creator Hirohiko Araki revealed one of his favorite characters from the new story arc and his choice might be seen as quite the curveball.

Aside from the newest Joestars on the block, the JOJOLands have introduced a handful of new characters into the mix. Joining Jodio and Dragona on their initial mission to steal a diamond from the famous mangaka, Kishibe Rohan, were Usagi Arohaoe and Paco. The allies to the Joestar siblings have two unique Stands that certainly come in handy when it comes to their shady operations. Usagi's "Matte Kudasai" has the ability to transform into an object that others around him wish it to be, though Usagi can't transform his Stand himself. On the flip side, Paco's Stand known as "The Hustle" has the ability to stick objects to its user, making Paco's ability to steal whatever he wants that much easier. 

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Hirohiko Araki's Favorite Character of The JOJOLands

In a recent issue of Ultra Jump, the publication that currently houses JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The JOJOLands, Araki revealed a surprising choice for his favorite character to draw. None other than Paco was his choice for his favorite character of the new generation, as he explains in a new blurb, "I hope you enjoy JoJo Part 9. Personally, my favorite character to draw is Paco."

Those waiting for The JOJOLands to hit the small screen as an anime might be waiting for quite a while. At present, following the conclusion of Stone Ocean on Netflix, David Production has yet to confirm when, or if, the series will return. Before the anime adaptation hits The JOJOLands, it will have to tackle both Steel Ball Run and JoJolion if it continues following the source material. 

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