The Dead May Never Die With This JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Art

For us, one of the biggest questions of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind was just who was meant to actually be the main protagonist. Of course, the common answer is Giorno Giovanna, the son of Dio Brando and, technically, a member of the Joestar Bloodline since Dio was sporting Jonathan Joestar's body when Giorno was conceived. However, Bruno Bucciarati may have died in the finale of the fifth season of the franchise, but his presence was, at points, stronger than that of Giorno's. Now, one fan has created some jaw dropping artwork for the wielder of the Stand, Zipperman.

Twitter User And Artist MuMu_071 managed to create some jaw dropping fan art that brings Bruno Bucciarait back to life, employing the powers of his Stand in order to teleport from one place to another thanks to Zipperman's convenient zippers that open up portals in space:

Bruno originally met Giorno under tricky circumstances, acting as an enemy to Giovanna as he tried to learn more about the son of Dio Brando. Pitting his Zipperman against Giorno's Golden Wind, the battle was luckily resolved with neither side being killed and/or severely injured. With the two becoming friends, they joined forces in a quest to overtake the Passione mob and lead the mafia down a path of righteousness on the tough streets of Italy.

Bucciarati unfortunately "died" during the series prior to the finale, kept alive thanks to Golden Wind's abilities but basically living out his days as a walking corpse. In the final fight against Diavolo, Bruno was killed and gave Giorno a much needed pep talk as his spirit ascended into the clouds, leading the way for Golden Wind Requiem to bring home a victory. Diavolo was trapped in a never ending death spiral when all was said and done, as Giorno achieved the dreams of both himself and Bruno, becoming the new "Don" of Passione.


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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was originally created by Hirohiko Araki for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987. It follows the story of the Joestar family, who are each destined to take down various supernatural enemies. The series has been split up into eight parts, with each part following a different generation of the Joestar family. The series has sold over 100 million copies, and has been licensed for an English language release by Viz Media. The series has spawned multiple anime, video games, toys, and even jewelry. The series currently has an anime adaptation that initially began in 2012, and now has run for over 100 episodes spanning the first five major arcs of the series.