JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Highlights A Stone Ocean Trio

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans are anxiously awaiting any news with regards to a confirmation of a sixth season for the anime, which would most likely follow the adventures of Jolyne Cujoh within the stone walls of a maximum security prison which she appropriately dubs the Stone Ocean, and a trio of cosplayers helped bring three of the biggest characters of the storyline to life! Focusing on the likes of Jolyne herself, the enigmatic Weather Report, and Narciso Anasui, this cosplay goes a long way in showing just what these idiosyncratic protagonists would look like in the real world!

The story of Stone Ocean follows the daughter of season three's protagonist, Jotaro Kujo, who is framed for a crime she didn't commit, and like the Joestars before her, finds herself dragged into a world of Stands while receiving one of her own in the form of Stone Free. Jolyne, during her quest to clear her name as well as escape the stone prison that imprisons her, is aided by the aforementioned Weather Report and Anasui. Weather Report's Stand, also dubbed Weather Report, has a fairly straight forward power in that it can control the weather around it. Anasui's Stand in the other hand, dubbed Deep Diver, is able to absorb the energy it unleashes during its fights inside its opponents, adding some much needed firepower to Jolyne's cause.

Instagram Cosplayer Camui_Tooru shared the trio of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters, giving fans of the unique anime franchise a taste of what these Stone Ocean characters look like which they can expect to see whenever the sixth season of the anime series is confirmed:

While Stone Ocean isn't normally considered "the best" arc of the franchise, it certainly has some of the strangest Stands and characters that we have ever encountered in any anime series, and we can't wait to see fans of the anime experience the insanity of this trio, as well as antagonist such as Marilyn Manson the Debt Collector and White Snake to name a few.

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