JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Hypes Stone Ocean with Weather Report Poster

Many JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans were heartbroken when no new trailer or release date was revealed at this year's Anime Expo for Part Six of the series, Stone Ocean, but that isn't stopping one fan from diving into the characters of Jolyne Cujoh's adventures. Weather Report is one of the biggest new characters that will be introduced in the upcoming season of the anime, and a fan artist has created a poster that has us imagining what the mysterious character might look like when he finally arrives onto the small screen within the maximum-security prison.

Weather Report is an enigma when he is first introduced to the world of Stone Ocean and finds himself wrapped up in Jolyne's adventures in attempting to clear her own name. His origin is one that has big ramifications for the sixth part of the series, and unlike so many other Stand users that make up this energetic entry of the franchise, his powers are somewhat clear-cut. With the use of his Stand, which is also named Weather Report, this enigmatic character has the ability to control the weather around him, which comes in handy more than a few times as Jolyne and her friends attempt to decipher the enemy that is gunning for them.

Twitter User Genda Art used the first piece of art that was released for the upcoming anime adaptation of Stone Ocean to help give fans an idea of what one of the most popular characters of the sixth entry might look like when he finally hits the small screen:

This year's Anime Expo didn't have any trailers or release dates for the sixth part of the anime series, but it did reveal that this August, a new streaming event will take place that might offer both. On August 8th, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean will be streaming new information for fans that will hopefully placate many fans waiting to hear more about the adaptation of Jolyne's adventures. Needless to say, we certainly wouldn't be surprised to see Weather Report make his first animated appearance here.


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