Jujutsu Kaisen Shows What Happens When Gojo Removes His Blindfold

Gojo Satoru has been one of the more peculiar Jujutsu Kaisen characters introduced in the anime so [...]

Gojo Satoru has been one of the more peculiar Jujutsu Kaisen characters introduced in the anime so far, and the newest episode only took that mystery to a new level when it shows what happens when Gojo removes his blindfold. Gojo had been introduced to the series in a unique way when it was revealed through other characters that he was the most impressive fighters in this world. His allure only deepened when he made his on-screen debut as a fighter covering his eyes with a blindfold despite the powerful enemies he comes across.

This changes with the newest episode of the series as Gojo gets into his first real fight in the anime against a new kind of special grade cursed spirit, the volcano wielder Jogo. With his opponent as strong as it was, and his needing to teach Yuji about the Domain Expansion technique, Gojo removed his blindfold and revealed a hidden power that seemed to stopped time.

Now that he's taken Yuji under his wing for training, Gojo ends up using the fight against Jogo in Episode 7 of the series to further demonstrate the next phase of Yuji's cursed abilities. Gojo was essentially worry free in the fight against the volcano headed spirit, and further cemented just how strong he was by removing his blindfold in order to teach Yuji a lesson rather than needing to in order to win the fight.

Removing his blindfold activates his Domain Expansion, a cursed energy technique we have previously seen used by Sukuna (and Jogo in the newest episode), Infinite Void. This move completely wipes out Jogo's own Domain Expansion and completely stops the cursed spirit in its tracks. Gojo explains that it's the inner world of Limitless, a power that forces every possibility someone can take to act out at the same time in an infinite amount of times.

It's a choice paralysis that stops an opponent in their tracks as when given an infinite amount of options they can't make a move. There are still a number of abilities around this power, and why Gojo needs to remove his blindfold to activate (or uses his blindfold to keep it in check), but now we have seen a concrete example of just how strong Gojo truly is.

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