Jujutsu Kaisen Creator Hypes Naoya's Comeback in New Note

Jujutsu Kaisen has kept its characters close to the chest these days, and that is thanks to its current arc. While season two carries on work in the background, all eyes are on the manga and its big tournament as of late. After all, the Culling Game has brought out some nasty villains for our heroes to fight. And now, well – it seems like the series creator is excited to welcome one of them to center stage.

The whole thing came to light as of late when Maki made their entrance into the Culling Game. It did not take the girl long to find a formidable foe as the spirit of Naoya Zenin came around for vengeance. And in a new note, creator Gege Akutami is hyping the villain's full comeback.

"Next chapter!! We'll use domain expansion in the Sendai Colony as well. Naoya Zenin will work hard," Akutami wrote. So if you are gunning to see Naoya's domain expansion firsthand, you will get the chance later this month...!

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Of course, Maki has a long-standing beef with Naoya, and fans were made privy to that last year. It was there that readers saw Maki face down the entire Zenin clan after one of its leaders did the unimaginable. Determined to kill Maki and Mai, the latter twin sacrificed her life to unlock Maki's hidden power. The gamble worked but at a horrific cost. So when Maki began culling the Zenin clan for their sins, well – Naoya was one of the first slain since he challenged Maki without worry.

Now, Naoya has the chance to avenge himself, but Maki is also learning on the battlefield. The rage in her heart over Mai's death stings, but that anger is no longer blinding her. So if the former Hei leader thinks he can take down Maki in death, Naoya has another thing coming.

Are you looking forward to this round-two showdown? Do you think Maki can best Naoya once again? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.