Junji Ito Cosplay Will Keep You Up At Night

Junji Ito is the hand's down master of horror in the world of manga, having created truly disturbing stories since beginning his career as a mangaka in the form of land walking sharks and giant floating heads and one fan has decided to create a horrifically realistic cosplay that brings his most popular female character, Tomie, to life. The succubus has any men who see her fall instantly in love with her, to the point that they attempt to kill her to make her their own, but because of her status as a magical creature, she simply cannot die.

The cosplay shown her mimics a painter who attempted to capture the "essence" of Tomie on a canvas, creating a very bizarre portrait that makes the female enchantress seemingly have another face that begins growing out of her own head. While there have been a number of stories that have been told by Ito with Tomie as the star, only one was animated within the recently released Junji Ito Collection anime series. Tomie will be made into a Hollywood live action film at some point, though there haven't been any recent developments in terms of the status of it. Tomie has also has a number of live action films made in Japan, so there is definitely a call to see this spooky being on screen!

Twitter Cosplayer BubbleMyDream shared this amazingly terrifying cosplay that does an almost too perfect job of bringing Tomie to life, and was did such a fantastic job that Junji Ito himself noticed the effort and shared the picture using his own social media account:

The next big adaptation for Junji Ito's works will come in the form of the anime of Uzumaki, which will be making its way onto Cartoon Network's Programming Block later this year. With the story of a cursed town obsessed with spirals looking like an anime that will be doing its best to bring Ito's aesthetic to life, we're crossing our fingers that a release date will be announced sooner rather than later!

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