Junji Ito's Suichi Receives New Statue For Halloween

When anime fans think of horror in the medium, more often than not the conversation will lead to Junji Ito, the master of horror that has spent decades creating tales of terror in the world of manga and anime alike, and now, one of the most popular characters from the mangaka is receiving a new statue just in time for Halloween. Suichi is one of the most noteworthy characters that have been introduced in Ito's spooky stories over the years, with the young man relying on trickery and black magic to make the lives of his fellow classmates miserable.

Suichi played a heavy role in The Junji Ito Collection, the anime series which adapted a number of the horror mangaka's works. While said anthology series was regarded by many fans as unable to capture the detail and grotesque beauty found in Ito's art, Suichi definitely left an impression as being one of the major characters of the series. Don't expect the nail biting villain to make an appearance in the upcoming anime adaptation of Junji Ito's Uzumaki, which is set to release on Adult Swim next year, but we definitely wouldn't be surprised if the delinquent that dabbles in the supernatural would return in a future manga series.

Animegami Studios shared a new look at the statue for Suichi, with pre-orders being opened for fans of the horror mangaka that has made such a name for himself in the medium of anime that his name alone elicits thoughts of terror when it comes to the works he's made over the decades:

While the next anime series to arrive from Junji Ito will arrive next fall in Uzumaki, there have been rumors that another of his properties will arrive in the future, though details about this series are few and far between. With Ito continuing his terrifying work in the medium of manga, plenty more ghoulish characters are sure to spring from his mind and hit the printed page. 

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