Junji Ito Takes Dark Coffee Break With Tomie Fan Art

Junji Ito is having a pretty decent 2020 so far, with his adaptations for his works in the forms of Adult Swim's Uzumaki and Quibi's Tomie moving along with new information being released at a steady clip, and one fan has provided an amazing piece of fan art that brings the nefarious succubus to life using the art of...coffee? Tomie, for those who might not be familiar, is a young woman who happens to harbor a terrifying ability to bring men under her thrall, for better and for ill, making for some of the scariest stories in the medium of manga.

Tomie herself has been given a handful of live action movies in Japan to date, following the succubus as she experiences a number of terrifying "adventures" as she wrecks havoc on a number of victims' lives. On top of her feature length films, she also appeared recently in the world of anime via the Junji Ito Collection produced by Studio Deen, presenting one of her most well known stories where Tomie has her portrait drawn to horrific effect. Ito has always been a master of horror that is able to blend the worlds of the mundane with the supernatural, and Tomie remains one of the best examples of this personified. We're crossing our fingers that the upcoming Quibi adaptation is able to capture the horrifying spirit of the original story.

Junji Ito's Official Twitter Account retweeted this fan's amazing Tomie art that used coffee as the canvas for recreating the world of the deadly succubus, taking the portrait of the young woman and bringing it to life in one of the most ingenious ways:

Fans have been excited to see the work of Junji Ito being translated to Cartoon Network's programming block of Adult Swim with Uzumaki, the story that focuses on an isolated town that has fallen under the curse involving an obsession with spirals. Though a release date for the mini-series has yet to be given, the animation from Production IG has fans pumped up to see what this newest adaptation will bring to the table.

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