Kagurabachi Creator Goes Full Cinema With Chapter 29

Kagurabachi Chapter 29 really took Takeru Hokazono's series to a new level!

Kagurabachi has reached a heated new moment of the Rakuzaichi arc, and the newest chapter of the series sees the creator flexing some cinematic muscles with its scenes! Kagurabachi has seen Chihiro formulating a plan to break into the subspace belonging to the head of the Sazanami Family, and this involved giving up his own Enchanted Blade in order to figure out the trick for the subspace. With the manga now kicking off this plan and seeing Chihiro trying his best to break up the Rakuzaichi Auction, Chihiro is once again face to face with waves and waves of new enemies. 

The previous chapter of the Kagurabachi manga saw Chihiro tear his way through the first wave of defenses as he's now trying his best to claim the Shinuchi before it can be sold off, but the end of the chapter saw a return from the fiery foe, Hiyuki Kagari. But it turns out that Chihiro was factoring in Hiyuki's return and was hoping to use her as a temporary ally to get to the Shinuchi before the auction continues. Leading to a cool confrontation between the two foes. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Kagurabachi: Chihiro and Hiyuki Team Up

Kagurabachi Chapter 29 sees Hiyuki and Chihiro tear through their own waves of enemies simultaneously. Never taking their eyes off of one another, the two eventually meet face to face. Getting time to speak one another, Hiyuki reveals that she can't kill Chihiro yet until he gets possession of his Enten again (as the Enchanted Blade would then be locked from future users). So Hiyuki reveals that the Kamunabi's plan is to let the auction proceed so they can by the Shinuchi. 

But believing that Hiyuki has better morals than that, Chihiro then asks if she would be okay letting people being sold in this auction. It's something Hiyuki can't abide by, so she decides to just toss the Kamunabi's plan aside. Agreeing to just kill Chihiro after he claims the Shinuchi and Enten, Hiyuki then helps Chihiro by fighting more of the bodyguards while Chihiro slips away. It was a pretty neat confrontation between the two, and further complicates Chihiro's foes as they're not all going to be bloodthirsty killers. 

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