Sony Pictures Is Developing a Film About a Demon Slaying K-Pop Group

When it comes to film, animation is becoming a truly formidable force, and Sony Pictures is wiling to bet big on its next project in that space. After all, the studio is leaning into K-pop and series like the hit anime Demon Slayer to bring the film to life. It was announced today by Variety that Sony Pictures Animation is developing a movie about a K-pop group that moonlights as demon hunters, and well - we are all for the pitch.

The project is being overseen by directors Maggie Kang and Chris Appelhans. The movie, which is titled K-Pop: Demon Hunters, promises to bring action and vibrant color to its unique premise.

"Having been a fan of the genre since its beginnings in the '90s, this film is my love letter to K-Pop and my Korean roots. It encompasses and celebrates everything K-Pop is – it's the film I would want to see as a lifelong fan and I hope the millions of K-Pop fans out there in the world will feel the same," Kang said in a new statement.

As for Appelhans, the co-director said he has always been eager to shine a light on how powerful communities can be. Of course, the music and K-pop fandoms are no exception, and he is eager to work with Kang on the project.

"[I] always wanted to do a film about the power of music – to unite, bring joy, build community. K-Pop is the greatest embodiment of this in our lifetime, and we're really excited to honor and showcase that through the lens of animation," Appelhans revealed.


At this time, there is no set release window in place, but fans are still ready to celebrate the film. Some key art was released to hype netizens, and the art style is certainly impressive. The K-pop group looks gorgeous as they stand on stage before a packed stadium, but they have more to worry about than hitting their choreography beats. The biggest concern comes down to the demons who infiltrated the concert, and it will fall to the group to save everyone.

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