Kyoto Animation's Plans to Build Memorial Park for Victims Hits Snag

It has been several months since Kyoto Animation experienced the unimaginable. The beloved studio found itself in mourning after an arson attack left more than 35 employees dead with many more injured. The senseless tragedy still sticks with all those impacted by the fire, but Kyoto Animation hopes to memorialize the legacies of those lost. But according to a new report, it seems one idea to honor the victims has hit a snag.

Recently, Sora News 24 released a new article about Kyoto Animation and its recovery efforts. Earlier this month, the company said it will be closing the bank account it kept donations in for all the victims' families. With the damaged studio now being prepared for demolition, discussion has been ongoing about what will be done with the land, but residents do not want a memorial park to be installed under any circumstance.

Shortly after Kyoto Animation was targeted, the company's CEO did say he was looking into making a memorial park for the victims. "If it is possible, I would like to turn the site into a park and erect a monument," Hideaki Hatta said.

Now, the neighborhood association overseeing the area where Kyoto Animation's building stood has spoken out on the plan. It turns out the group sent a letter requesting the site not be used for any memorial as increased pedestrian traffic "will destroy the peaceful lifestyle of [local] residents."


Of course, this pushback has upset some fans. Kyoto Animation says it hopes to make a decision that works with the community and grieving families. Currently, the neighborhood association has asked to be involved in future talks about the land's usage moving forward, but all 23 representatives of the organization made it clear they don't want any memorial being built.

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