League of Legends Debuts Stunning New Anime Trailer

League of Legends remains one of the top games for PC lovers to buy into. The massive title has flourished with an esports league. With the game growing leagues (pun intended) by the month, the brand is ready to hype League of Legends however possible, and it seems their latest endeavor has anime fans buzzing.

After all, League of Legends just debuted another amazing anime promo, and it has fans begging for a full on show.

"A cosmic darkness threatens to overcome three former teammates who were thought to have perished," the new trailer's description reads, and the blurb sets up the trailer's gorgeous story.

As fans watch the trailer, which is titled Star Guardian: Light and Shadow, the gorgeous anime follows two characters as they head into battle. The girls aren't afraid to use their magic to bolster their stats. However, things go awry when a third party enters the fray, and gamers will recognize the threat that is Zoe. A fighter known as Rakan comes in to console his friend and heal them, but the fighter is quick to chase after the other. By the trailer's end, fans will be feeling real emotional, and it is all thanks to one heroine's sudden entrance.


The clip follows the players as they face off with a dark foe whose magic goes beyond the possible. As the music swells, fans go between 2D and 3D animation before the trailer comes to its final moments. The three fans are rescued by another heroine Ahri who comes sweeping in, and she looks ethereal in this trailer. Rakan and Xayah have got fans all sorts of emotional given how they protect one another. If you look online, fans are all but begging League of Legends to fund an actual Star Guardian anime at this point, and otakus agree. The level of animation seen in this trailer is too good to go to waste, so here's to hoping the franchise surprises us before long.

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