Lee Jihan, Korean Singer and Actor, Killed in Itaewon Halloween Crush

This week, South Korea found itself blindsided by an unspeakable tragedy ahead of Halloween holiday. On October 29th, more than a hundred people were killed in Itaewon as the vibrant district was flooded with thousands of visitors. Reports have confirmed more than 150 lives were lost, and one of them belonged to singer-actor Lee Jihan.

According to a statement by Lee's agency, the young man passed away during the crowd crush in Itaewon. Known for his participation in Produce 101 season two, the singer was eventually voted out and debuted as an actor in 2019 with The Butterfly Dream. The event has killed 154 people to date while injuring 149 others. At this time, no official cause has been released for the incident, but videos of Itaewon on social media show the area was inexcusably crowded.

What Happened in Itaewon?

For those who have not kept up with the tragic event, the Itaewon Crowd Crush is considered the country's most deadly event of its kind. The situation unfolded on October 29th as the city anticipated over 100,000 visitors to come out in celebration of Halloween. This year's event is the first since COVID-19 appeared that pandemic restrictions were lifted, so as expected, people turned up en mass to celebrate.

Unfortunately, there was little crowd control in Itaewon as the Halloween event wasn't headed up by any one organization. As such, less than 200 police officers were present, and emergency responders had difficulties reaching the alley where the crowd crush happened once called. Given the area's tight alleys and inclined roads, crowds began to form given the sheer amount of visitors to Itaewon, and a crowd crush was formed just outside the Hamilton Hotel.

Now, South Korea is in an official period of mourning by the authority of the nation's president. Lee is one of many who lost their lives at the event, and fans are now remembering the star for their work. 

Our condolences go out to Lee's family and loved ones as well as all those impacted by the Itaewon tragedy.