Here's How Studio Ghibli's 'The Legend of Zelda' Could Look

The Legend of Zelda stands as one of Nintendo’s most popular properties, but Link has never [...]

The Legend of Zelda stands as one of Nintendo's most popular properties, but Link has never gotten the full-on anime treatment. Animation did come knocking for the Hylian hero years ago, but he abandoned his anime hopes a long time ago. However, thanks to some viral artwork, fans are desperate for The Legend of Zelda to give the medium a go.

Oh, but there is one caveat; If The Legend of Zelda were going to take on anime, fans are asking for Studio Ghibli to oversee the venture.

Over on Reddit, fans prompted a large debate over how well The Legend of Zelda suited anime, and it didn't take long for Studio Ghibli to be brought up. After all, the iconic animation studio has tackled some gorgeous stories in the past, and its eye for mythos aligns impossibly well with Link's history.

The conversation ramped up when fans found fan-art that imagined The Legend of Zelda in Studio Ghibli's style, and it made netizens go nuts. As you can see below, an artist on Twitter called Miavern inserted Link and Zelda into Castle in the Sky, and the results are stunning.

Standing in the for Studio Ghibli film's leads, Link and Zelda are seen high above the ground as the latter is held tight. The smooth artwork blends the best of Studio Ghibli whimsy with the magic of TThe Legend of Zelda. Now, fans are eager for the iconic studio to get their hands on the property, but there's no guarantee that will ever happen.

While the debate for a The Legend of Zelda anime is largely positive, Studio Ghibli has its hands full at the moment. The company put its animation sector to rest when director Hayao Miyazki announced his retirement way back when, but the visionary has since come back to work. These days, Miyazaki is working on his next feature film How Do You Live? with Studio Ghibli, so the company is going to be tied up for the foreseeable future.

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