Lupin The 3rd/Cat's Eye Crossover Film Now Streaming

There have been some wild anime crossovers over the years, with Sanrio's Hello Kitty flying into outer space to fight the original Gundam mobile suit and the Z-Fighters of Dragon Ball battling the Straw Hat Pirates of One Piece fame. The latest major anime crossover was Lupin and his friends battling against the thieving sisters known as Cat's Eye, which has recently made it easy to streaming in North America, letting Western audiences catch Lupin The 3rd Vs. Cat's Eye for the first time.

Both Lupin The 3rd and Cat's Eye have become institutions in the anime world, with the former beginning in the 1960s from creator Monkey Punch and the latter first hitting the scene in the 1980s from creator Tsukasa Hojo. While the Gentleman Thief has had a steady string of anime series and films that have arrived throughout its history, Cat's Eye didn't have a new anime project since 1985, which brought its second series to a close. While the series did return with a new manga in 2010, this return via the crossover film is a welcome one for fans of the classic story featuring the anime cat burglars.

Where Can You Watch This Anime Crossover

You can catch the meeting of these anime thieves on Amazon Prime now by clicking here, with the trailer below if you wanted more of a look at the anime film before diving in:

The recent crossover celebrated the 40th anniversary of Cat's Eye and the 50th anniversary of Lupin The 3rd respectively.

If you haven't heard much when it comes to this epic anime crossover, the official description for Lupin The 3rd Vs. Cat's Eye reads as such:

"Hitomi, Rui, and Ai are sisters and cat burglars. They steal a painting from a museum around the same time Lupin the 3rd appears to steal another painting himself. Both paintings are part of Michael Heinz's series titled the Girl and the Flowers. To the girls, the paintings are clues for their missing father's whereabouts. When they learn Lupin is after the same target, a fire lights inside them."  

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