Lupin the III Live-Action Spin-Off Trailer Released

Lupin The Third is a legendary franchise that started way back in the early 1970's as a manga [...]

Lupin The Third is a legendary franchise that started way back in the early 1970's as a manga series. Since then, the franchise has spawned a frenzy of anime spin offs, OVA works, musicals, video games, and live action adaptations. It is a huge hit in Japan, being a household name and still getting reboots to this day. Last week a new live action spin of the series was released, with promises of more to come.

The original Lupin The Third has the perfect combination of slapstick comedy and awesome action. The series follows a group of criminals led by Arsene Lupin III, who is the world's greatest thief of all time. He is often teamed up with his allies and friends Daisuke Jigen, the expert marksman, and Goemon Ishikawa XII the master swordsman. Of course there is also the love interest, Fujiko Mine, who has a bad side as well. The whole team is constantly being chased by Koichi Zenigata, whose life goal is to arrest Lupin as he pursues him around the world. The series is sort of a spoof of spy movies and novel, as it features funny hi-jinks, awesome heist and police action.

The new spin off is a is a made for TV (or HULU) movie titled Inspector Zenigata. It released in Japan on February 10th, with more spin offs to be aired on HULU later this month. Instead of following the antihero, Lupin, this series follows the detective who seems to be constantly failing to catch him, Zenigata. But in the live-action series, the detective has more grit and tenacity as he strives to prove himself in the Tokyo Police force. This crime drama is an action packed thrill that sheds light on the good guy for a change. With the release of Inspector Zenigata, it was announced there will be another short series with the same actor will be this year as well.

Inspector Zenigata is currently available to stream on HULU in Japan.