Uber Eats Is Testing Manga Delivery in Japan

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, many of those who are/were quarantined are taking [...]

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, many of those who are/were quarantined are taking the opportunity to order food to their homes via delivery services such as Door Dash, Postmates, and other such Apps, but it looks like Uber Eats is trying to get one over on their competition by adding manga to their list of deliverables. Uber has long been a "ride sharing service" that has fundamentally changed how folks travel around the world, letting travelers use their phones in order to call an "Uber" to their location and take them to where they need to go!

Uber itself hasn't just had competition when it comes to food delivery, but it also has some serious competition with its ride sharing function, most notably being Lyft which has a similar function to the service. As documented in this article from SoraNews24, the convenience story of "Lawson" in Japan not only gives patrons a number of choices when it comes to food and beverage, but also has a steady rotation of manga to add to their racks. In partnering with Uber Eats, Lawson has begun allowing those who use the App to order the latest editions of Shonen Jump and any other manga that the convenience stores currently offer.

Uber Eats Manga
(Photo: Shonen Jump)

When it comes to manga sales in Japan, the regular publications have become such a trademark of the country that they blow away overall sales versus comic book sales that are recorded here in North America. While there isn't exactly a service that allows for instantaneous delivery of comic books in North America, there are still plenty of retailers online, and even store fronts, that will be more than willing to ship books to their desired locations.

Shonen Jump remains one of the biggest manga publications in Japan today, combining a number of the biggest franchises "under one roof", such as Dragon Ball Super, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The Promised Neverland, and One Piece to name a few. With both manga and anime becoming such a trademark of Japanese culture, as well as continuing to gain popularity all over the world, there will be more than enough stories to get folks hooked and supply Uber Eats with plenty of deliverables.

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Via SoraNews24