Shonen Jump Warns of Additional Manga Delays Amidst Pandemic

Shonen Jump is one of the most enduring magazines in Japan, but the brand is warning readers more issue delays could happen as the pandemic continues. The family of magazines has been hit by delays already due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. But with the health of its creators on the line, Shonen Jump is informing fans its staff comes first when safety is called into question.

Shueisha, the publisher of Shonen Jump, posted a note to fans warning them of future delays not long ago. The message was delivered on the various Shonen Jump social pages, and it was there readers learned there could be possible delays with future magazine issues.

According to a translation by Aitaikimochi, Shonen Jump is directly relating these possible delays on the pandemic. The extra time would be taken to ensure the magazines' staff and creators are healthy and have a safe space to work in. And when delays are eventually announced, they will be broadcast through official social media pages on Twitter.

Shonen Jump
(Photo: Shonen Jump)

This update is nothing too surprising, but readers are hoping Shonen Jump can go a stretch without breaking. It was just a couple weeks ago that Shueisha put a pause on its Shonen Jump titles after a member of its editorial staff began exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. The magazine has since returned with brand-new chapters for fans, so fans want to keep up with this content for as long as possible.


After all, some big things are happening with a few of Shonen Jump's top series. Not only are One Piece and My Hero Academia thriving with their ongoing arcs, but The Promised Neverland is on the cusp of ending. In fact, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is slated to end in less than a week now, so here's to hoping Shueisha can keep its schedule under control for now!

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