Marvel Teases Pikachu's History With The Nova Corps

Pikachu has been stretching his legs as of late, reaching out not just into the world of Hollywood with Pokemon's first live action feature length film, Detective Pikachu, but apparently Marvel Comics to boot. Years ago, in an issue of the space faring superhero Nova, specifically Nova #7, an alien member of the Nova Corps hit the scene that looks strikingly similar to a certain mascot for one of the most popular franchises the world over. A version of Pikachu, that some fans affectionately dubbed "Pikablu" appeared as a member of space patrol force, dispersing justice and energy beams.

The tiny blue electric mouse is seen in this scene alongside the rest of the Nova Corps, sporting the standard uniform and helmet that has become the heroes' trademark throughout their history within the Marvel Comic universe:

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Whether or not this particular homage is still a member of the Nova Corps, bouncing around the universe in order to spread peace and justice is unknown but most likely, that is still the case until we see his untimely death in the line of duty. Though comic book fans should know at this point, "no one ever really dies". Marvel has even brought Nova, Richard Rider, back from the dead before, specifically after both him and Starlord seemingly fell to Thanos at the end of the massive cosmic crossover titled The Thanos Imperative.

Though they don't have an entirely HUGE role in the comics overall, the Nova Corps did make their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the series first space outing with Guardians of the Galaxy. Portrayed far differently from their comic book counterparts, the Nova Corps of Xandar were shown as something as dedicated, if not a tad bumbling, force. Populated with big time actors such as John C. Reilly and Glenn Close, the future of Nova Corps is a tad uncertain following the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

When Thanos was attempting to put together the Infinity Gauntlet, it is mentioned during the film that Xandar was destroyed in Thanos' wake and the Power Stone was taken. The planet itself was said to have been destroyed, though whether or not any Nova Corps members managed to survive is a question for another day. Perhaps these events will one day lead to the long awaited Marvel property film for Richard Rider, the first Nova.


In the comics, the Nova Corps is very different from the movies, as each member has a fair amount of super powers at their disposal thanks to their ability to access the "Nova Force". Said Force allows each member to fire off energy blasts, grants them super strength, as well as propel themselves through space at insane speeds. Even if we never see this "Nova Pikachu", this still makes for a hilarious easter egg.

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