Gundam Star Shares Inspirational Coronavirus PSA

The Gundam Universe has been in circulation for forty years now and has presented some amazingly unique stories as a result, and the voice actor from the amazingly bizarre series known as Mobile Fighter G Gundam has shared a public service announcement for how we can combat the coronavirus pandemic! With G Gundam originally premiering with 49 episodes several decades ago, the series featured mobile suits in hand to hand combat with the fate of the universe on the line as each nation participated in a robotic tournament wherein mechs were the method of gaining seats of power!

Tomokazu Seki was the voice behind Domon Kash, the pilot of the "Shining Gundam" for Neo Japan, and offered his support for the world as well as some wise words of how folks can combat the pandemic by washing their hands. G Gundam was unique in the fact that it didn't feature the Earth Federation or Principality of Zeon, but rather featured a tournament of Gundams that were fashioned after each of their respective countries. This of course made the series legendary in a lot of circles thanks in part to some hilariously designed mech suits, creating Gundams that were created to look like windmills and others that resembled cactii. If you haven't had the chance to watch Mobile Fighter G Gundam, definitely take the opportunity to check it out!

Tomokazu shared his public service announcement via his Official Twitter Account, reading out words of hope and determination that live up to some of the speeches that he delivered during his time as the main protagonist of this idiosyncratic anime series:

The translation for this Tweet reads as such:

"It has been 26 years since the 13th Gundam Fight tournament today. You there! Thank you for your support for such a long time. Me? I am the same as before. But the Earth is in an unprecedented crisis. But! If we can raise this soul of fire to the limit, there is nothing we can't beat! Washing my hands thoroughly, to the hopeful future; Ready, Go!!!"


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Via Crunchyroll