Mushoku Tensei Gives Rudeus Surprise Upgrade

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation gave Rudeus Greyrat an unexpected upgrade with its midseason premiere! After surprisingly making waves with its initial anime debut earlier this year, the series has finally returned for the second half of its debut season. Following an unexpected delay and being bumped from its intended Summer release to a launch in the Fall 2021 anime schedule, Part 2 of the series has reunited fans with Rudeus and the rest of the Dead End party as they try and make their way off the Demon Continent after being warped there in the first half of the season. 

After finding out that it would be ridiculously expensive trying to sail away from the continent with Rujierd in tow, Rudeus ends up getting a hint from the god overlooking him and meets a strange new being in an alley. After helping this young girl, she ends up granting him the power of one of the 12 Demon Eyes that she has in her possession, and together with a hilarious scene implanting this new eye into Rudeus' head, Rudeus now has gotten a power up that's sure to give him an edge in the rest of the season. 

(Photo: Studio Bind)

Episode 12 of the series sees Rudeus asked by the mysterious god to head into an alley after buying food from the nearby vendors, and when he does he ends up helping a young, starving girl on the street. She reveals herself to actually be the "Demon Emperor" named Kishirika Kishirisu. For helping her she says she'll grant Rudeus one wish, and when she can't grant any of the things he initially asks for, she ends up giving him one of the Demon Eyes in her possession (that rotate in and out of her head like a slot machine). 

He soon realizes that this eye is called the "Eye of Foresight" and gives him the ability to see a bit into the future. First he can't control it, but through training he figures out that he can see a few seconds into the future and can adjust this depending on how much mana he channels through its usage. Thus now Rudeus has yet another major new ability that he'll quickly master in due time, but as he's already found out in his fight with Eris, it's an upgrade that he needs to handle deftly. 

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