My Adventures with Superman Exec Breaks Down Season One's Most Viral Scene (Exclusive)

My Adventures with Superman's co-Executive Producer explained how Lois and Clark's most viral scene came to life!

My Adventures with Superman is now back in action with Season 2 of the original animated series, and one of the minds behind it all broke down the most viral scene from the first season! My Adventures with Superman was a huge hit with fans when it premiered the first season last year, and much of that success comes from the central romance between its new version of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. This all culminated with a major scene in the first season that went viral with fans as Clark looked more attractive than he ever did in the series to that point. 

My Adventures with Superman was a big hit with fans thanks to just how attractively drawn its new version of Clark and Lois are, and that was very intentional from those behind the series' production. Speaking with ComicBook ahead of the new season's premiere, Co-Executive Producer Jake Wyatt broke down the most viral scene from the first season as Clark saved Lois from bullets only to appear shiny and shirtless after. As Wyatt explained, it was a much needed turning point for their burgeoning romance. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Why Clark Is So Shirtless in My Adventures with Superman

On being asked why Clark suddenly ended up glistening and shirtless in My Adventures with Superman Episode 6, Wyatt stated, "That moment was very important to me. Okay, so there's a silly heightened-ness to it, right? That Clark is baby oiled up after the shirt gets shot off. But it really was like, what helps Lois turn from being super angry at this person? Justifiably angry at this person who lied to her saying, 'I want to give this guy a second chance.' And I was like, we got to really sell it."

Wyatt wanted to really make sure this moment landed to further sell their changing dynamic, "So taking a series of bullets for her without knowing that he's bulletproof, and then turning around and being like, 'Sorry, I'm so hot and tired. I just had to save you.' I was like, that's it. That has to be...we need to believe. We need to believe that Lois will jump off the roof and we need to believe that she'll jump back on. Yeah, so the turn was important, and I was like, we got to sell it. Clark is the hottest, nicest man who ever lived."

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 is now airing its new episodes with Adult Swim on Saturdays at midnight EST, and then streaming with Max the next day.