My Hero Academia: All For One May Work More Like One For All Than We Thought

When My Hero Academia entered into its Paranormal Liberation War arc, fans were hyped to see an [...]

When My Hero Academia entered into its Paranormal Liberation War arc, fans were hyped to see an all-out war between the Pro Hero world and a radical army of villains. However, few fans could've known that this war would be the stage where My Hero Academia's biggest conflict would finally come to a head: the battle between the One For All and All For One quirks. The two pinnacle powers of My Hero Academia's world are now set to collide, and the latest chapter of the manga reveals that All For One may be much more similar to One For All than we thought!

Warning - My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 274 SPOILERS Follow!

The tide of the Paranormal Liberation War turned has quickly turned in the villains' favor, as All For One and Dr. Ujiko's plan for Tomura Shigaraki has finally come to fruition. The League of Villains leader has gone through the agonizing process of having his disintegration power boosted, and the All For One quirk hidden inside him finally unlocked. However, as Shigaraki tries to acclimate to his new power set, he also has to face a startling revelation: his will may not be entirely his own!

My Hero Academia has always shown that Izuku Midoriya and All Might's One For All power is a community-based power. The wielders of One For All are all connected and in communion with one another - going all the way back to One For All's original user, who is seemingly an active presence inside of Izuku's head, keeping him aware and informed of what's transpiring with the All For One power.

My Hero Academia New All For One One For All Powers Conenction manga 274
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Chapter 274 of the manga reveals that Shigaraki also has the same kind of voice in his head as the Deku - only his is the malevolent voice of All For One! That voice is compelling Shigaraki to hunt down the One For All power and absorb it, as the original wielder always wanted to claim the hidden quirk of his brother.

This is a pretty big revelation; Since All For One, the man, is seemingly the original user of the quirk, there are now so many questions about what the voice in Tomura Shigaraki's head actually is. Is All For One actually able to see and command his protege remotely, while his physical body is still locked in the Tartarus prison? And if so: is Deku the only one in immediate danger? Or could All For One use Tomura Shigaraki to finally kill All Might?

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.