My Hero Academia Cosplay Takes To The Skies With Nana Shimura

While Nana Shimura hasn't been a regular in the roster of My Hero Academia, having died long before the start of the series, her legacy is still affecting the events of the day as the war rages between the forces of the heroes and the villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front and one fan has honored the soaring super hero! Shimura was one of the mentors to the hero All Might, wielding the power of One For All, teaching the Symbol of Peace how smiling was a necessary part in becoming a great crime fighter.

In the manga for My Hero Academia, Nana's legacy has become a big part of the story considering it was revealed that she was in fact the grandmother of the villain Shigaraki. With her Quirk allowing her to "float" above the city sky lines, it seems as though Deku has finally been able to acquire this power thanks to his continued training in the full abilities of One For All. With the Paranormal Liberation Front at levels of power the likes of which UA Academy has never seen before, it's clear that Deku will continue to explore the power that he inherited from both All Might and Nana Shimura.

Instagram Cosplayer Stellalasaurus shared this impressive cosplay that brings one of the most important figures in the history of My Hero Academia back to life, capturing the aesthetic of the mentor to All Might who never got the chance to meet with Midoriya, the aspiring Symbol of Peace:

The fourth season of My Hero Academia ended with Deku apparently learning even more about his powerful Quirk, hinting that season five will make Midoriya even more of a powerhouse than he already is. Needless to say, Deku and his friends are going to need all the help they can get with the battles they have waiting for them.

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