My Hero Academia Reveals Big Heroes Rising Connection With Latest Episode

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is currently in North American theaters, tearing up the box office, and it seems that the latest episode of the anime has established a big connection between the two! For those who might not know, the second film of the franchise takes place following the conclusion of season four, so more than a few aspects may be new to audiences looking to encounter a new adventure for Midoriya and his friends. As the Cultural Festival is about to begin, Deku is given a big item that counts as a connection between the series and the movie!

In Heroes Rising, Midoriya's costume and gear looks a tad different from what we know in the television series, clearly having been given some upgrades in the time between the two. In the latest episode, Midoriya is training with his mentor All Might early in the morning prior to the big band performance of Class 1-A, encountering the enthusiastic, albeit downright strange, character of Mei Hatsume. Mei, of course, is UA Academy's resident support item specialist, with the ability to create some fantastic weaponry and gear that has been worked to improving the quirks of heroes both young and old. With Hatsume encountering the training heroes, she hands Deku gloves that will assist him greatly in his upcoming battles.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

The gauntlets, which we saw originally in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, allow Midoriya to better control his quirk, giving him the opportunity to control the shock waves that he is able to channel through the snapping of his fingers. In the past, Deku would sometimes snap the bones within his fingers when attempting to unleash the full power of the quirk of One For All, as his body is still not able to process the force of the power at 100%. With these new gloves, it seems as though these worries will be a thing of the past as he has been granted a much better level of control as well as shock waves that are much more condensed and powerful than what we saw before.


Midoriya doesn't have to wait long to give these new gloves a spin as he has to test them against the elastic powers of Gentle Criminal who is looking to make a bigger name for himself by crashing the Cultural Festival of UA Academy!

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