My Hero Academia Cosplay Shares Fantasy Bakugo's Savage Side

Over the years, fans of My Hero Academia have found their own ways to approach their favorite characters through everything from fan-art to fan-fiction. Of course, the same can be said for cosplaying as the anime fandom has the pastime on lock. Whether you are an amateur or professional, there are characters in UA Academy who are begging to meet you, and Bakugo is one such character. That is why one top-tier cosplayer decided to share their take on Bakugo with the world, and they brought out a savage side to the hero's infamous fantasy look.

Over on Instagram, the user gyunikucosplay has been taking in all of the compliments for his Bakugo cosplay. The fan decided to honor one of the hero's lesser-known looks which came from a popular ending theme. After all, the fantasy reimagining of My Hero Academia still resonates with fans to this day, and Fantasy Bakugo is a key part of that world.

As such, gyuniku felt it was time to dress up like the hero. You can check out their look above in all of its barbarian glory. After all, Bakugo plays a rather savage warrior in this fantasy world, and this cosplay recreates his look without any fault.

The design shows Bakugo with perfectly spiked hair, and the blonde locks are impeccably styled in this shot. A neutral makeup palate pairs well with the look, and Bakugo is showing off his torso as usual. A cape is the only thing covering the fan's back, but they are rocking several armbands sourced from the anime. The look is then completed with grey jeans and a belted blade that make Bakugo look seriously savage.

Clearly, this take on Bakugo is impressive, and it shows how much attention to detail My Hero Academia fans put into cosplaying. This fan isn't alone in their efforts to embody the students of Class 1-A, and their careful adaptation is certainly worth praising.


What do you think about this fantastical cosplay? Does it suit Bakugo's style? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.